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Chimney Services

Chimney Sweeping

Simply stated, if you have a chimney, that vents a fireplace, wood burning appliance, or furnace (either gas or oil), sweeping is most likely necessary. Wood smoke produces creosote, a tar like substance, which is extremely flammable, and one of the leading causes of chimney fires. Sweeping significantly reduces the amount of creosote inside your chimney flue. Sweeping also ensures the flue is unobstructed from any nesting material and other types of blockages, which can cause combustion gases to back up inside the living area.


The inspection process is designed to identify problem areas that may exist within your fireplace and chimney. We offer the three levels of chimney inspection outlined in detail by the NFPA-211, the book of Standards for fireplaces, chimneys and vents. A level 1 inspection is the most common and is included as part of our sweeping services.


We install UL listed stainless steel chimney liners, which have a lifetime transferable warranty. Chimney liners are used to replace the existing flue liner if it is damaged, deteriorated, or unable to vent combustion gases to the outside.

Chimney Caps

We carry and install a wide variety of stainless steel and copper chimney caps. Chimney caps are important because they keep out rain, snow, leaves, birds, animals and prevent dangerous embers from landing on your roof and surrounding areas.


The largest amount of lost heat and air conditioning in your home is through your chimney. One solution is a top mounted damper, which mounts to the top of your chimney and is easily operated from inside. This style of damper also prevents stink-bugs and other insects from entering your house through the chimney.


We provide a wide range of repair services to include chimney tops (crowns), fireboxes, smoke chambers and dampers.
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